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Singing professionally under her mother's wing since the age of 5, Gigi is a very well educated vocalist - yet she sings with a rawness and soul that one might attribute to a unique hippy parentage and her teenage exposure to the detroit music scene. She's known primarily for her fearless live approach to song interpretation and her recordings and collaborations are many and diverse. She's found in Toronto, Detroit, Hong Kong and Berlin. 

"I love her singing, just love it.
What a joy." Lori Cullen

"Precise, heart-connected, exciting." Jane Siberry 

"an electric stage presence, a radiant spirit, and fearless creativity." Laila Biali

they call her gigi

Voice over agent

Winnie Au

North America: 

Celine Peterson


Vivi Grande


Nima Chatrismab


 people say

The kind of artist who, when you see and hear her, makes you wonder why she isn't yet wildly famous; but I'm convinced she's headed in that direction, not because fame is what matters (she'll tell you it doesn't), but because she has the kind of heart, soul and musical imagination that draws people in and holds them there. She has all the goods – a killer voice, a distinctive sound, movie-star looks, an electric stage presence, a radiant spirit, and fearless creativity. And to top it all off, she's a genuinely special human being.


Laila Biali (CBC Radio and musician)

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